Health & Life Insurance


In case of hospitalization (due to accident or illness)



Hospital General Fee

Surgical Fees

In-hospital Doctor Visits

Daily Cash Allowance (Public Hospitals only)


Ordinary Room

Intensive Care Room

Outpatient Services for Accidental Injury

Outpatient Minor Surgery

Inpatient Minor Surgery

Food Allowance

Accidental Damage to Natural Teeth

personal Accident Benefit

Accidental Death/ Disability

term life benefit

Non-Accidental Death

optional coverage

(for groups with more than 10 employees)

Option Birth Benefit

Option Maternity

Option Outpatient Service

Option Medical Check-up

Dental Treatment

Optical Treatment

Cesarean Section

Adult: between 18 (eighteen) and 65 (sixty-five) years old – applied to staffs and dependents
Child: between 1 (one) and 17 (seventeen) years old – applied to dependents only

General Exclusions

  • Consequences of suicide and self-injury;
  • Death, disability causes by intentional actions of insured’s legal heir;
  • Consequences of war, terrorism, riots/demonstration, commit criminal act;
  • Consequences of quarrel;
  • Consequences of drugs or alcohol consumption. Note: based on police or health facility reports;
  • Consequences of Natural catastrophes, epidemics and pandemic declared by relevant authorities;
  • Death related to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV);
  • Death related to pregnancy;
  • Professional sport related death, disability and injuries;
  • Traffic accident due to abusing country traffic rule.

Specific Exclusions for Health risk benefits

  • Inpatient treatment at a cabinet or nursing cabinet;
  • Physiotherapy, Cosmetic surgery, Plastic surgery, Skin diseases;
  • Congenital abnormally;
  • Chronic conditions and any complications thereof;
  • Blood transfusion/ Hemodialysis and Organ transplant;
  • Eye and dental treatments unless accidental injury;
  • Treatments performed by traditional healers;
  • Artificial Fecundation and infertility treatment;
  • Mobility aids or assistive devices for disabilities;
  • All services related to Maternity unless the benefit is subscribed;
  • Mental illness;
  • Sexual Transmitted Diseases, HIV/AIDS;
  • Preventive treatment/Prophylactic, Vaccination and medical check-ups;
  • Any services covered by national programs. E.g. (currently HIV, Tuberculosis, Leprosy);
  • Admission for Para-clinical Examination.