In case of Hospitalization (due to Accident or illness)

LimitationPlan APlan B
Pre-HospitalizationMax per event 100& 150$
Post Hospitalization Max per event100$150$
Hospital General Fees Max per event 500$800$
Out-patient Minor Surgery Max per event 500$800$
In-patient Minor Surgery Max per event 1500$1800$
Major Surgery Max per event 1800$2100$
In-Hospital Doctor Visit Max per day 20$40$
Daily Cash Allowance at Governmental HospitalMax per day 10$10$
Ambulance Max per event 80$80$
Room and Board Ordinary Max per day 25$30$
Room and Board Intensive Care Max per day 100$ 150$
Outpatient Services for Accidental Injury Max per event 300$500$


LimitationPlan APlan B
Accidental Death/Disability Max per year 4 000$5 000$



Basic coverage
for adult

Adult Plan A
$ 80 per year

comprehensive coverage for adult

Adult Plan B
$ 120 per year

Compulsory Enrollment only

  • Child: 1 - 17 years old
  • Adult: 18 - 65 years old

General Exclusions

  • Consequences of suicide and self-injury;
  • Death, disability causes by intentional actions of insured’s legal heir;
  • Consequences of war, terrorism, riots/demonstration, commit criminal act;
  • Consequences of quarrel;
  • Consequences of drugs or alcohol consumption. Note: based on police or health facility reports;
  • Consequences of Natural catastrophes, epidemics and pandemic declared by relevant authorities;
  • Death related to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV);
  • Death related to pregnancy;
  • Professional sport related death, disability and injuries;
  • Traffic accident due to abusing country traffic rule.

Specific Exclusions for Health risk benefits

    • Inpatient treatment at a cabinet or nursing cabinet;
    • Physiotherapy, Cosmetic surgery, Plastic surgery, Skin diseases;
    • Congenital abnormally;
    • Chronic conditions and any complications thereof;
    • Blood transfusion/ Hemodialysis and Organ transplant;
    • Eye and dental treatments unless accidental injury;
    • Treatments performed by traditional healers;
    • Artificial Fecundation and infertility treatment;
    • Mobility aids or assistive devices for disabilities;
    • All services related to Maternity;
    • Mental illness;
    • Sexual Transmitted Diseases, HIV/AIDS;
    • Preventive treatment/Prophylactic, Vaccination and medical check-ups;
    • Any services covered by national programs. E.g. (currently HIV, Tuberculosis, Leprosy);
    • Admission for Para-clinical Examination.