Personal Accident and Medical Expense


Payment of a lump sum in case of accidental permanent disability/death and medical expense

Accidental Death and Permanent Disability

Medical Expenses linked to the Accident

optional Funeral benefit

Capital in case of non-accidental death

Adult: between 18 (eighteen) and 65 (sixty-five) years old – applied to staffs and dependents
Child: between 1 (one) and 17 (seventeen) years old – applied to staffs and dependents

General Exclusions

  • Consequences of suicide and self-injury;
  • Death or disability causes by intentional actions of insured’s legal heir;
  • Consequences of war, terrorism, riots/demonstration, commit criminal act;
  • Consequences of quarrel;
  • Consequences of drugs or alcohol consumption. Note: based on police or health facility reports;
  • Consequences of Natural catastrophes, epidemics and pandemic declared by relevant authorities;
  • Traffic accident due to abusing country traffic rule.

Specific Exclusions for Health risk benefits

  • Inpatient treatment at a cabinet or nursing cabinet;
  • Physiotherapy, cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery;
  • Mobility aids or assistive devices for disabilities;
  • Organ transplantation, hemodialysis and blood transfusion;
  • Treatment performed by traditional healer;