Hospital Cash Insurance


In case of Hospitalization (due to Accident or illness)

LimitationOption 1Option 2Option 3
Hospital Cash Allowance (Exclude Covid-19)Max 60 nights20$30$40$
Hospital Cash Allowance due to Covid-19Max 30 nights20$30$40$
Accidental DeathPer year2000$3000$4000$
Death due to Covid-19Per Year2000$3000$4000$


affordable with basic coverage

Option 1
$ 24 per year

extensive coverage

Option 2
$ 36 per year

comprehensive coverage

Option 3
$ 48 per year
  • Compulsory Enrollment only

    • Child: 1 - 17 years old
    • Adult: 18 - 65 years old
  • The Insured who travel to a country or a specific area against the Travel
    Advice issued by Cambodian authority
  • Consequences of suicide and self-injury
  • Death caused by intentional actions of insured’s legal heir
  • Consequences of quarrel
  • Consequences of war, terrorism, riots/demonstration, commit criminal act
  • Traffic accident due to abusing country traffic rule
  • Consequences of drugs or alcohol consumption. Note: based on police or health facility reports
  • Consequences of Natural catastrophes, epidemics and pandemic declared by relevant authorities
  • Cosmetic surgery or treatment, Plastic surgery
  • Eye and dental treatments unless accidental injury
  • Artificial Fecundation and infertility treatment
  • Pre-existing or chronic condition and any complication thereof
  • Sexual Transmitted Diseases, HIV/AIDS
  • Any non-medically required or which is not follow MOH guideline / law
  • Diagnosis of COVID-19 in Cambodia must be confirmed/ admitted by local authority (Ministry of Health) or equivalence institution who are assigned to perform the duty of testing and verifying for Covid-19; proof of diagnosis overseas will be considered case by case.
  • This Insurance Certificate comes in addition to the General Term and Condition HCL2005001 agreed between the Insured and Prévoir ( Kampuchea) Micro Life Insurance Plc.