Chamroeun Foundation Association

Chamroeun Foundation Association, CFA was established in 2012 by Chamroeun as a tool to further extend its social mission towards its clients. Taking part in poverty reduction in Cambodia through involvement in socio-economic, educational, and environmental development is the main purpose of CFA.

Chamroeun is a licensed Cambodian microfinance institution with a very strong social mission, created in 2006 by the French NGO Entrepreneurs du Monde to meet the needs of the very poor urban micro-entrepreneurs. Chamroeun offers its clients financial services as well as complementary socio-economic services such as training and counseling.

The mission of Chamroeun Foundation Association is to improve the livelihoods of its clients through the services it provides; access to a micro-insurance scheme is seen by Chamroeun as an opportunity to further enable its clients to reduce their vulnerability.

As of December 2013, Chamroeun has served as many as 52,419 clients with a total loan portfolio of KHR 25,199 millions.