Hattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL)

Hattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL) started as a food security project by OCSD/OXFAM-Quebec in PURSAT province in 1994.

In 1996 it registered as an NGO, and in 2001, HKNGO transformed to private limited liability company owned by four shareholders. Continual successes and potentials made HKL raised its paid-up capital to US$ 257,850 in 2003 with CORDAID as the fifth shareholder. HKL is now an MFI licensed by National Bank of Cambodia.

Since 2013, Hattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL) collaborates with PKMI to provide health and life insurance to HKL’s customers in the objective to reduce financial risks and enhance financial security.

As of December 2013, Hattha Kaksekar Limited (HKL) has served as many as 143,519 clients with a total loan portfolio of US$ 144,194,570.