Ms. Sorn Somloth


I’m Sorn Somloth. I’m 27 years old. I live in Kandal province. This is the first time I buy insurance. At first, I didn’t really trust insurance services but my neighbor convinced me. The neighbor said: “ I have insurance. It’s helpful in case of sickness. It will cover the medical expenses.” After I discussed with my husband, I decided to buy insurance

During the 4 previous weeks I was in a hospital for surgery. My husband was concerned as we just bought insurance and wondered, “how can insurance help us?” I told him “Please try to call them first, just try!” so my husband called Prévoir hotline to inform them about my situation. I’m really happy that Prévoir paid the surgery fees. People in the village now want to get insurance as well after Prévoir covered my medical expenses. Thanks to Prévoir's insurance for covering my surgery fees.