Ms. Meit Samorn


My name is Meit Samorn. I live in Kandal province. I bought PKMI insurance through Chamroeun Foundation. I believe that insurance will protect me from expenses in case of sickness. I pay less than 40,000 Riel per year. I had never claim but my aunt did.

My aunt, Seing Sokunthea, also bought insurance as I introduced her to the advantage of having insurance. Last month she fell sick and went to a non-partner PKMI hospital, Beikchan hospital. I called PKMI to inform about her situation. After she left the hospital, PKMI reimbursed her medical expenses. Then some of the villagers who learned of her case also decided to buy PKMI’s insurance.

According to this experience, PKMI is truly helpful and useful for us. As for this year, I bought insurance for my husband and I, and I am planning to buy insurance for my daughters and sons. I will also introduce PKMI’s insurance to other villagers who do not have insurance yet.