Our Mother Company

Prévoir Group is a French independent insurance group, specialized in life insurance for individuals and families, whose main purpose is the protection and safekeeping of families of all income levels.

Prévoir Group has been established in 1910. The holding company is a patrimonial company, independent of any bank or financial institution, with a turn-over of EUR 514 million in 2014.

A Family-Owned Company, Sound And Independent

Prévoir Group is a medium-sized group, which ranks fortieth (40th) in the French life insurance sector. It is composed by a holding company and three principal subsidiaries:

  • 2 insurance companies: Prévoir-Vie (life insurance) and Prévoir-Risques Divers (non-life insurance),
  • An asset management company: Société de Gestion Prévoir.

The holding company is a patrimonial (family owned) company, 70% of the capital being held by the descendants of the founding families and 30% by the employees and retired employees. It is wholly independent of any banking or financial group. The Group’s emphasis on prudent financial management, based on long term strategy and vision, is a major factor in its ability to maintain its continuity and, above all, to guarantee the security of its clients ‘savings.

The solvency margin (the financial capacity of the company to honor its commitment vis-à-vis its clients) of its insurance companies is significantly superior to the minimum European regulatory requirements.

The financial solidity of the Group enables it to self-finance its growth by means of its own equity capital. The Group is totally free of debts and this very healthy situation enables the company to follow a strategy of recruitment, training and to maintain the momentum of its national and international development.

Our Original Calling: Protecting Families. Our Expertise: Life Insurance

True to its original calling, Prévoir Group protects families against the risks of life by carrying out its activities in one type of business: life insurance. Pure life insurance policies represent 66% of the Group overall portfolio of contracts.

We offer products to our clients, both individually and as a family, enabling them to protect their future in the event of accident, illness, disability or death, and to provide solutions to potential difficulties arising from either job loss or a reduction in income on retirement.

Prévoir Group has developed a wide range of products covering the fields of life insurance, health insurance, investment and savings plans and finally, retirement pension plans. This range of products satisfies the expectations of our clients regarding not only their age and situation, but also any future evolution of their needs, and we regularly develop and streamline our products so as to produce personalized solutions for our clients.

The Quality Of Customer Service

Prévoir Group has chosen to put client satisfaction uppermost on its list of priorities.

To this end, all the activities of the company are “client oriented”:

  • We continually monitor our client’s needs and carry out studies relating to these needs, thus enabling us to create and develop products specifically tailored and adapted to a middle income bracket clientele of the young, families and retired people
  • Our services are organized with the idea of creating a personalized and quality relationship with each of our clients.

The quality of service and the quest for customer satisfaction are the constant priorities and objectives of Prévoir Group. To this end, we have set up a permanent steering committee with responsibility for quality control. According to regular surveys, 95% of our clients express satisfaction and 89% are prepared to subscribe to a further contract or policy.

International Development

Since 1996, Prévoir Group has embarked on a major new strategic orientation for its future development: the expansion into international markets.

This strategy is based on three main axes:

  • The decision to control international development by internal growth with the creation of branches
  • The determination to export expertise and know-how abroad
  • The ambition to share our fundamental values: the protection of the family.

We opened a first branch in Portugal in 1996. And then, we opened branches and subsidiaries in Poland (2000), Vietnam (2005) and Cambodia (2011) where we choose to take a micro-insurance license to pursue our development in Cambodia today.

1910 Founded French Insurance Company Popular, aiming to offer life insurance to low- income families.

1914 André Angot, a striking figure in the history of the company, extremely committed to the values of solidarity.

1923 Renamed Le Devoir, a designation for André Angot correctly expresses the moral idea about what is our mission.

1928 Created second company: La Prévoyante in order to foster competitiveness conducive to development.

1948 Extended warranties for contracts of life insurance.

1951 A third company: Le Devoir Risques-Divers.

1968 PRÉvoyante and Le DeVOIR combine to give birth to Prévoir Group.

In the 70s, the French showed themselves increasingly targeted for savings. Following this trend, René de Labrusse, the sixth president, extends the range Prévoir more financial products, strengthening the foundations of the group: deep knowledge in the area of security, a need that is stated as essential in term of life insurance.

Thus, pioneer of "Life Insurance Popular" in the early twentieth century, Prévoir Group always positioned in the same direction: the protection of the family and its future face the vicissitudes of life. Since 1990, under the leadership of Bertrand Voyer, the seventh president, the group returns to broaden its product range, covering the areas of health, dependency and credit insurance. Open further to internationalization . The two branches in Portugal and Poland, the two branches in Vietnam and Cambodia and position as a broker in Brazil have added a new dynamic to the business.

1996 Establishment of the first branch in Portugal.

2000 The first branch a foreign insurance company established in Poland.

2005 Prévoir Group creates subsidiary in Vietnam.

2010 Prévoir Group celebrated its centenary.

2011 Prévoir Group continues international expansion with the opening of a subsidiary in Cambodia, Prévoir Kampuchea Micro Life Insurance Plc. ("PKMI").

In France (Results 2013)

  • 1,350 employees of which 900 are sales advisors
  • 355,000 clients and 740,000 policies
  • A full range of life & health insurance solutions
  • Net results: 46.15 mil. €
  • Shareholder Capital: 528.3 mil. €
  • 3.7 bil. € of assets under management
  • Solvency margin: 5 times superior to French regulation requirements
  • Claims: 339.5 mil. €
  • Turn-over: 514 mil. €
  • Standard & Poor’s and Fitch ratings: A-

With Prévoir Group, you have:

  • Over 100 years of expertise in life insurance business.
  • Insurance expertise in terms of training, information system, actuary, insurance marketing, underwriting and claim.
  • Financial solidity.
  • Experience in International Development and in targeting low-income population (Vietnam and Cambodia).
  • Long term vision (privately owned business).
  • A medium sized partner:
    • Flexibility,
    • Quick decision process,
    • Innovation (capacity to adapt to market needs).
  • An official partner with a local team.