Our Team

What makes us extremely proud and self-confident is our specialist team. We have congregated a professional team, who comes from a variety of insurance and non-insurance related experiences, namely risk management, underwriting, medical specialist, business management, and program management so that we can deliver expert knowledge in insurance line for every field of business towards our project accomplishment.

Below is our board members and management team members.

BOARD Members

Mrs. Cécile GERARD
Board Chairperson
Chief Financial Officer – Prévoir Group
Mrs. Patricia LACOSTE
Board Member
Chief Executive Officer – Prévoir Group
Mr. Colin TURNER
Board Member
Head of International Development – Prévoir Group
Chief Executive Officer – Prévoir Poland
Independent Board Member

Executive Management

Mrs. Solène FAVRE
Chief Executive Officer
International Project Manager – Prévoir Group

Senior Management

Mr. Sunty KHENG
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Bunchhun CHHIM
Chief Technical Officer
Mr. Sreng HONG
Chief Audit and Strategy Officer
Mr. Morokot EAT
Chief Medical Officer
Mrs. Theary THONG
Human Resource Manager